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Welcome to Mahjong Titans!.

Immerse yourself in this free and premium-quality adventure, where beautifully designed tile layouts await to challenge and entertain you. Sharpen your mind while enjoying moments of relaxation, discovering the perfect match for your leisure time and embark on a captivating journey through the ancient art of Mahjong.


  • Free and easy-to-play
  • Quality graphics and gameplay
  • Relaxing and engaging
  • Perfect for both beginners and experts
  • Hours of entertainment at your fingertips

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Mahjong Titans Layouts

  • Turtle: The "Turtle" layout this classic mahjong layout; it is the most common layout and it's included in most of the mahjong games, designed to resemble the shape of a turtle. It has 144 that tiles are stacked in multiple layers and it's considered a layout of medium difficulty.
  • Dragon: Known for its higher level of difficulty, the Dragon layout appeals to players seeking a more challenging experience.
  • Cat: The Cat layout is a delightful interpretation, cleverly designed to resemble the shape of a sitting cat. It comprises 144 tiles, thoughtfully arranged in multiple layers to bring out the playful silhouette of a cat.
  • fortress: The Fortress layout features 144 tiles, methodically placed to evoke the imagery of fortified walls and towering bulwarks. This layout is categorized as medium difficulty.
  • Crab: This layout consists of 144 tiles, arranged to capture the compact and intricate form of a crab, complete with claws and a rounded body.
  • Spider: It features 144 tiles, strategically placed to depict a spider’s body and sprawling legs.